Jun 02, 2020 · 2000 Ford F150 Pickup AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION 4X4 eBay. Ebay.com FORD F150 PICKUP 01 AT 8-330 5.4L 4R70W 4x4 ID YL3P-LA. FORD F150 PICKUP 00 AT 8-330 5.4L 4R70W AODE-W 4x4. If it is a 4x4 transmission it will not include the transfer case. If it is an AWD transmission where the transfer case is inside the transmission it will be included.
TRUENORTHERNER: Dear Femtop, My ford explorer 2005 revs highly and loudly at start up. How do I address the issue! Yes, your Ford Explorer 2005 should rev highly and loudly in the morning or at cold start to be able to supersede the frictional force of engine moving components and enhance prompt warm-up, but shouldn't be higher than necessary and annoying.